Air-Con Systems Assessments

Here are a few of the types of checks that can be done for an air conditioning system. Of course, depending on the type of installation it may be necessary to perform a different variety of checks. These checks are best performed by a licensed repair technician.

First of all, you may check the condition of the filters, change and clean filters. You may wish to check the control and temperature reading of the return air system. You may also wish to verify the turbine controls. Verification or replacement of belts is always essential.

Checking the condition of the evaporator battery and the condensate tray is useful. The germicidal treatment tank and battery usually need maintenance. The compressor parts are frequently in need of repair.

Checking the refrigerant charge is something you need to do frequently. You may wish to perform verification of the operation of the regulation and safety devices. You may also wish to verify the control of the pressure on the refrigeration circuits.

Checking superheat and subcooling is something you need to do regularly. Cleaning the condenser is always essential. Oil level checks should be performed regularly.

Checking the acidity of the oil is something you should do at least once a year. Check for leakage of the refrigeration circuits according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Re-tighten the electrical connections.

Check the housing resistance and the defrost controls. Perform a visual inspection of the cabinet. Verify and tighten the connections.

Measure the voltages. Verify the phase balancing. Test the indicator lamps for faults. Replace lamps and lights.

Test the alarms and fault reports. Test the differential protective devices. Verify the supports.

Lubricate the bearings. Replace the bearings if necessary. Verify the anti-vibration supports. You may also wish to verify the condensate flow controls. Perform regular cleaning and apply anti-rust paint.