Energy Department Announces Largest Energy Efficiency Standard in History

The department of energy has recently released standards for commercial air conditioning units, as well as furnaces, which is intended to reduce carbon emissions. The plan is projected to save a whopping one hundred and seventy eight billion dollars, over the course of the lifespan of the products that are replaced, which truly is a huge amount. In fact, the new rules and standards are the most aggressive regulations that have been released, as this move is the biggest energy saver and plan that the Department of Energy has ever come up with. This is going to be a huge energy saver, which will directly affect and reduce the amount of pollution that is put into the environment, and a huge amount of money will be saved as well.

The Department of Energy has stated that they have looked for sources that will use up the least amount of energy, but that the better option is simply not to burn energy at all, if it is possible. This plan is set up to do just that, which is a very positive thing for the environment and for our economic situation. There have been major discussions on a global scale in terms of reducing energy consumption, which many claim is directly affecting climate change. Anyone that has been watching the news, or any form of politics knows that this is a hot topic, so the reduction of energy looks to be a positive way to start to approach these issues. Energy efficiency is slated to grow over time, with mandates being set a few years down the line, which would require certain efficiency standards at certain dates. 2018 is supposed to see a ten percent efficiency jump, with twenty five to thirty percent efficiency to be mandated by the year 2023, which would be done through air conditioning repair and upgrades.