Annual maintenance of HVAC systems

Companies all around the world are on the lookout for ways to cut their annual spending. Downsizing, freezes on spending, and discretionary overtime are all tactics used to help pinch pennies here and there. Unfortunately many companies turn to the practice of putting off the required maintenance of their HVAC systems as a way to try and cut costs. This is not only an extremely dangerous strategy for companies, it also has the potential to cost them even more money in the long term than if they would have repaired their HVAC systems at the first sign of degradation.

From the perspective of a company trying to save as much money as possible, it makes sense for them to put off their HVAC maintenance for another budgetary period if the system is performing as it should. This makes it easier to continue putting it off until something fails extraordinarily. This can cause units to fail in the least appropriate of times, and can cause the company to pay even more money to repair the now destroyed unit.

Not only is it possible for neglected HVAC units to necessitate costly repairs, but a neglected HVAC vent is the perfect place for legionella to develop and grow. It only takes some organic matter like leaves, droppings, and pollen, along with the warm water produced by HVAC cooling towers to create the perfect environment for the bacteria to thrive in. If maintenance is deferred on a unit that has legionella accumulating inside it likely will not be noticed until it is much too late. Anyone in the building that is exposed to the tainted water or chilling system is bound to be infected, and those with already weakened immune systems are at a much greater risk of harm and death.

Putting off needed maintenance may seem like an easy way to save money upfront, but it can lead to often disastrous outcomes.

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